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Sonya Helena Jackson

Sonya, who founded the band, is a powerful lead & background vocalist who has a strong sultry (alto) voice that has landed her many singing  jobs in her career.

Her voice can be heard (singing background) on the recordings of such artist as "Midnight Star" including their smash hit "No Parking On The Dance Floor" as well as recordings by "The Deele" on their album "Material Thangz" produced by L.A. Reid, with music on the album composed by the legendary singer, songwriter and producer, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds

She has also performed at "The Kool Jazz Fest" (now known as The Cincinnati Music Festival) which was another great accomplishment of her stellar music career.

In addition to working with singing groups all around the region, Sonya was also  frequently contracted for vocal work with "No Sleep Productions" singing on commercial jingles, and currently also sings as a background vocalist for the Leroy Ellington Band.

Karen Bolden

Karen was born & raised in Cincinnati, OH and has been singing professionally since she was a teenager.  She is an accomplished lead and background soprano/alto vocalist with a voice that's smooth as silk.

Her vocal contributions are many, having performed and recorded with platinum recording artist "Midnight Star " including singing background vocals on their smash hit "No Parking on The Dance Floor " as well as recordings by  The Deele on their album "Material Thangz", which was produced by L.A. Ried, with music on the album composed by now legendary singer, songwriter and producer, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds.

Karen has performed in many professional and high profile venues and events most notably a performance at "The Kool Jazz Fest" (now known as The Cincinnati Music Festival.

To add to her many accomplishments Karen has also sang with her sister Sonya as part of the dynamic groups "The Soul Flower Singers" and "Shades of Brown". Currently she can be seen singing background vocals for the Leroy Ellington Band.

Lawrence Jones

Lead and background vocals (bio pending)

Juan Williams

Musician, singer, songwriter.

Was born in Cincinnati, OH and became interested in music in Jr. High School.  By age 15 this musical prodigy played bass guitar and drums with his mother and her five sisters, "The Lattimore Sisters", a phenomenal Gospel singing group who took Cincinnati by storm.  By the age of 16 he learned to play the keyboards, which expanded his musical versatility and took his talents to another level.  Juan has played in a number of local bands and gospel groups in Cincinnati and gained is notoriety with the band "Down II Bizness", formed by himself and two other talented musicians.  The trio went on to be signed with an independent label and has opened for artists such as "Adina Howard", "El DeBarge" and "Glen Jones" to name a few. Though his talents has taken him as far as a tour performing in Tokyo, Japan,  Juan believes that with hard work and trust in the Lord, "all things are possible".

Brandon Bradshaw

Brandon started  playing drums at a very young age.  While experimenting with his moms pots and pans and using spoons as drumsticks, Brandon realized that he was on to something special.  He received his first real drum set, from his father, at the age of six.  His father, who was an accomplished saxophone player,  introduced Brandon to Jazz and the world of live music.  He joined his first band at the age 16 which was a gospel group call "The Gifts of God".  For four years, while attending Roger Bacon High School, he was in the award winning marching band perfecting his drumming skills.  Brandon was one of the original members of the popular Cincinnati band" Down II Bizness" and also played with several other local area bands.  One of the highlights of his career was playing for well known national and local artists such as 'Reggie Calloway of Midnight Star", "Wilbert Longmire"  "Shirley Murdock", "Archie Bell of Archie Bell & The Drells"  and "P. Ann Everson".

Tom "Chicago" Richardson

Musician, singer, songwriter.

Raised in Chicago, he picked up the guitar at the early age of 14 yrs old.  Early on he was influence by R&B, Soul, jazz, Fusion, Rock and Gospel music and while developing as a musician studied the Jazz and Blues greats. While in High Schools Tom studied music under Mr. John Watson Jr. a brilliant trombonist and music teacher who previously played with the Count Basie Band and many other Jazz legends. As part of a Jazz/Blues ensemble, started by Mr. Watson consisting of young black musicians, Tom toured the city of Chicago during the summer playing guitar with the band. A highlight was playing at the Rev. Jessie Jackson’s church and opening at the Band Shell in Grant Park for Dizzie Gillispie, Max Roach, Art Blakey and other Jazz legends.

Most recently in his career Tom has played for the popular award winning and recording band out of Colorado "Funkiphino", you can hear his guitar work on their debut CD, " Lovin' Life" on Hi Phi Records. Tom has also played on show dates for national recording artist "Tom Browne" who recorded hits like, "Funkin' For Jamaica" and "Thighs High".

Courtney Jackson

Courtney, while being multi-talented,  is known in the city as "Cincinnati's Finest" for his modeling career.  He started playing trumpet in high school and decided it wasn't where his heart was. After being inspired by percussionists like Michael Carabello  and José "Chepito" Areas  of the "Santana" band and Thomas "Papa Dee" Allen of the band "War", he discovered his passion.  His funky and exotic rhythms and knowledge of various percussion instruments are the realization of years of practice and dedication. Once he cuts loose, the rhythm is bound to move you.

Raymond Roc Woods

Keyboard Player (Bio Pending)

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